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Hailing from Newcastle in the north east of England, Trev Gibb is an immensely talented, erudite songwriter who, through his bruised and battered songs, offers an often painfully honest insight into the ebb and flow of life’s everyday grind.

Of late Trev has been recording what stands to be a stunning, as yet untitled album with David Brewis of Field Music. But ever prolific, he’s also found the time to put together three exquisite sets of songs for us! The first and second of these, Postcard and Dancing, present Trev at his most vulnerable and haunting. A collection of solo acoustic recordings split across two free download releases, both provide ample evidence of his impressive ability to capture the complexities of the human condition, the intimacy of the recordings recalling the introspection of Jason Molina’s quieter moments or Palace Brothers circa Days In The Wake.

In short, these are heartbreakingly beautiful songs issued under warning: as Trev puts it, “it’s like kissing God, John Belushi said, but now John Belushi’s dead...”

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released June 21, 2010

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Released by Rainboot (label) 2010



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